Next Chapter

Hello there everyone, I am going to tell you all of my adventures and things I will be doing and learning in this new chapter of my life.

As many of you know, I came back from England at the end of June. I did my DTS (descipleship training school) with YWAM for 6 months. During my time there, God became so much bigger for me and blew my mind in so many ways. While in the outreach part of my DTS I was praying about what to do next and what coming home would look like for me.

I never planned on doing a DTS in the first place but then I got the call so I went at the most difficult part of my life. Through that time, God was my everything. He taught me to lean on him more than anyone or anything. He continually pursued me, even when I didn’t want to be. He kept blessing me and working with me through all the ups and downs that came with loosing my dad 2 weeks before I left for England. He showed me his Father-Heart to me.

I felt like I should hand over my everything to Him, my future, my plans, and my dreams. He didn’t disappoint.

I received the calling to go staff a DTS! I was so so excited! I was looking at all the different basis in Europe. Then God hit me, again. Hawaii.

Now I know what you’re thinking, ‘Hawaii? missionary? psh, ya right.’ That was always my thoughts on it too. I told God before hand that that was the one place I DID NOT WANT TO GO! Ya, that’s right I TOLD God! I know, He was laughing at me too. I eventually was like, “Alright, I’ll go, but I need a confirmation to make sure that is where you want me to go.” The next day I filled out my staff application and again TOLD God, “If I get accepted, I’ll go.” I was accepted a few weeks later.

I was like, “Ok, fine, but to just make sure, I need another sign, one that I know for sure could only come from you. Something that literally would have to be a miracle. Something like, lightning striking down on a cloudless day.”

On my way home from my outreach in the Philippines, we just arrived at our hotel when, I saw this African-American man dressed in a gold-sparkled traditional tunic. He was just standing there beside my school leader, looking at us. My leader then introduced him to my group and told us that he was originally from Africa but was working at the base in Hawaii. I immediately bursted into tears. He asked me what happened and why I was crying and I couldn’t even utter a word. My teammate explained what I had been praying for and he told me; “You’re the reason I’m here! I was on my way back to Hawaii and I wasn’t even supposed to stop here but I could NOT get a flight back for ANY time until tomorrow! Stop praying! God answered you’re prayers! Go, He has called you! I want to go home, so stop praying and just go!” At that moment I knew I had to go to Hawaii, that was the miracle I was praying for, there was no doubt in my mind.

Long story short, I am leaving on September 25th, to go do a staff-training course and then start the actual training for the January quarter in December.

The DTS that I have applied for is called AWAKEN, which is getting to know God in a new way and delving deeper into who he is. The Outreach locations my leaders are praying for are Chine/Korea, Camaroon, and The Arab Gulf.

Now, you may think that I will spend a lot of time at the beaches but that is deffiantly not so. While in training, I will have homework and daily work duties while also preparing for the students to come. Most importantly I will be focusing on what a true Godly leader is, discovering more of God and who he is, and growing in him.

Your prayers are so deeply appreciated and felt! Thank you to all of you who prayed for me while I was in England, I deffiantly felt them!

Bless all of you, tune in next time with me when I will be in Kona, Hawaii.


2 thoughts on “Next Chapter

  1. So cool to read your story, Arianna. So incredible when God shows up for the step you are waiting to take next. And very nice to meet you at church Sunday morning a month ago when I was visiting my brother Lowell and his wife, Sharon. Your Mom is a precious friend of mine. I will pray for you as God reminds me in the coming months. God bless you!

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