Life Update

It’s been awhile my brethren, here are just a few things that have been going on while I’m living in the great state of Hawaii.

The reason that I haven’t written an update is because I keep learning something new every week. I kept starting to write this blog, then I would learn something new and want to put it in. I wrote 4 different beginnings for this blog haha. Since then i have decided to just write a short update as I have 2 weeks left in this course.

The course I am doing is called Engaging Spheres. In this course we learn about the 7 spheres of society or the “7 Mountains”, it goes by many other names that I right now can’t recall….

These past 6 and a half weeks my mind has been expanded and stretched and blown by God. I have the privilege to be a part of pioneering this course for a potential secondary school for YWAM. I am a part of 30ish people who get the great opportunity to be the very first to learn about this.

We have such amazing and godly leaders that have been such a blessing in this course. The wisdom that is being out-poured is just over-whelming and so so good.

I’ve been learning that we all have a meaning in wherever we are working, whether it be in business or in the mission field. God can use us in any way, any time, any where. I often felt like if you don’t do missions then you aren’t that good of a christian or I wasn’t following my “full God-given” potential. I have recently discovered how wrong that thought was.

God gives us the dreams and desires of our hearts. He gives us visions and dreams so that we can pursue those with Him. He wants us to be excited and happy in what we do from 9-5. He gets excited when we get excited!

One thing that God told me recently is this; The harvest is ripe. He gave me a picture of people harvesting grain with a scythe (like the olden days tool). We are the workers, like Jesus said; ‘The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.’

The way I understood that is this; when we are working in each of our jobs in the different spheres, are we actually glorifying and promoting God? I don’t mean like, go into your office and start preaching at all your co-workers to turn to God or they’re going to go to hell. I mean in a sense of, are you letting God use you to your full potential? Or are we just doing the bare minimum? Could you be doing more?

When Jesus calls you to talk to that co-worker that always seems to be lagging or never making the deadline, do approach them with haste and witty sarcasm? Or do you approach with love and comapssion?


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